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Discover the Story of the Best Tanzania Safari Company

Embark on a journey with Best Tanzania Safari Company, J.M. Explorations, a harmonious blend of nature, culture, and sustainable travel. Founded in 1985 by Joshua Mushendwa and Barbro Finskas Mushendwa, this family-owned Sustainable Tour Operator, nestled in the heart of Arusha, Tanzania, paints a vibrant tapestry of experiences that echo their diverse origins.

Joshua, hailing from the serene shores of Bukoba by Lake Victoria, brings a deep connection to the water and its life-giving spirit. Barbro, with roots tracing back to the quaint village of Jeppo in Western Finland, infuses the company with the magic of Northern wilderness and traditions.

Guided by their shared vision and love for both lands, the “J.M.” in the company’s name stands not only for Joshua Mushendwa but also for the synergy of journeys they curate – a blend of two worlds that converge in unforgettable ways.

Today, while Joshua and Barbro remain integral to the company’s ethos, their legacy thrives through their three visionary sons who now helm the tour business. With a passion for sustainability and a commitment to preserving the beauty they’ve inherited, the sons carry forward the torch of exploration, weaving the past, present, and future into every immersive experience.

Join us on a voyage that transcends time and borders. Experience the rhythm of life across landscapes, taste the flavors of tradition, and discover the stories that connect us all. J.M. Explorations invites you to explore with purpose, to wander with wonder, and to leave footprints of respect on this shared journey of discovery.

Unveiling the JM Tours Ltd. Difference

Discover Tanzania with Unparalleled Expertise

Step into the world of JM Tanzania Expert, where the art of safari comes to life. With a legacy spanning over 37 years, our name resonates as the Tanzania Top Rated Safari Expert. Each day of our journey has been meticulously crafted, and every moment bears the mark of our intimate knowledge and unwavering dedication.

Elevate Your Safari Experience
At JM Tanzania Expert, we are architects of dreams, crafting safaris that etch memories for a lifetime. With the canvas of Tanzania as our inspiration, we design, organize, and orchestrate your expedition. Your desires and safari interests guide our hand, while your accommodation preferences shape our brushstrokes. The result? A masterpiece of an itinerary that paints the story of your adventure.

A Promise of Value
Our commitment to you goes beyond the extraordinary. It extends to our pricing philosophy. With an open and transparent approach, we unveil the best price for your bespoke journey. This commitment to integrity and openness has forged bonds so strong that many first-time explorers transform into cherished lifelong clients.

Your journey, your story, your safari. With JM Tanzania Expert, each detail, each step, and each heartbeat resonate with the rhythm of Tanzania. Let us guide you into the heart of wild beauty and seamless luxury. We are represented on Safari Bookings.

JM Tours Ltd.'s Operational Framework

Crafting Extraordinary Journeys through Passion and Homegrown Expertise

In the heart of Tanzania, where every sunrise paints a new chapter of wonder, the family of J.M. Tours Ltd flourishes. United by the rich tapestry of this incredible land, our team’s roots run deep, entwined with the stories of its landscapes and cultures. It’s this profound connection that fuels our shared mission: to weave the threads of authenticity into unique Safari Experiences across Tanzania and Zanzibar.

Each journey we curate is a canvas where our passion takes brush to inspiration. With every stroke, we create a masterpiece, embracing the essence of this remarkable corner of the world. But our artistry doesn’t end there. We take immense pride in being custodians of your adventure, tending to every detail with utmost care. From the moment you dream of your journey until the day your footsteps touch our soil, we stand beside you, ensuring every facet of your experience surpasses expectations.

We’re more than a tour operator; we’re stewards of sustainability and progress. When you embark on a safari with us, you’re not just traveling through Tanzania – you’re investing in its future. Our commitment is unwavering: 100% of the funds from your safari remain here, nurturing the lands, communities, and conservation efforts that make this place extraordinary.

Journey with us, where passion meets purpose, where every sight, sound, and sensation are an ode to this wondrous land. Welcome to J.M. Tours Ltd, where the heart of Tanzania beats in harmony with yours.

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Your Epic Quest

Your Success, Our Mission