For those seeking to test themselves physically might want to attempt Mount Kilimanjaro or Mount Meru.



Mount Kilimanjaro is the tallest Mountain in Africa at 5895 meters ASL (19,341 feet ASL). The most famous routes on Kilimanjaro are Marangu Route and Machame Route.

Marangu Route is the only route where accommodation is in huts; it is known as the coca cola route and is considered the easiest route, Marangu route is done in 5 or 6 days, 6 is recommended for acclimatization and increasing the chances of reaching the summit.

Machame route also known as whisky route can be done in 6 to 7 days, this route is slightly more difficult but also more scenic, on this route accommodation is in tents.

Other routes are Umbwe, Rongai, Lemosho, Shira and Mweka (Mweka is for descent only)

Mount Kilimanjaro


Mount Meru

Mount Meru stands at 4565 meters (14,977 feet ASL), although not as tall as Kilimanjaro, Mount Meru is steeper and hence a more challenging climb.

Accommodation on Meru is in huts, and because many opt for Kilimanjaro it is normal to find yourself alone or only a few other climbers. Meru hike starts from Arusha National park, so an armed ranger will accompany you to the first hut.


Oldonyo Lengai meaning Mountain of God in Maasai language, is an active volcano located on the North East of Ngorongoro conservation area close to Lake Natron, it is possible to climb this mountain and is usually done in combination with a Safari to Ngorongoro Conservation area and other parks.

Oldonyo Lengai climb starts at midnight and by early morning you reach the summit, no heavy clothes are needed as the altitude is only 2861 meters (9,442 feet) ASL. However due to the steepness good physical fitness is a must.