Top 7 things to do in Tanzania

Top 7 Things To Do In Tanzania

November 1, 2022

These are the Top 7 things to do in Tanzania. There are tours of the great migration, walking tours, balloon rides, climbs, and beaches in Zanzibar.
A country of a kind, friendly, welcoming to all people from different cultures around the world.



  1. Unlimited game viewing at the pristine national park
  2. Watch the great migration
  3. Guided walking tour
  4. Balloon safari
  5. Climbing the highest mountains in Africa
  6. Take a beach tour in Zanzibar
  7. Cultural experiences


Let us take you to Tanzania travel destinations, plan, and together build lasting friendships. Tanzania invites you into the space and freedom of Africa’s wild places – travel in open vehicles – get you out on foot – climb the continent’s tallest peak – take you to shaded and peaceful campsites – and show you the joy of quality time with wildlife.

The wildlife viewing is superb and there is just so much choice. Here below are the top 7 things to do in Tanzania;

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    1. Unlimited game viewing at the pristine national park

    Tanzania offers game viewing to the most iconic national parks – beautiful places and wildlife sights seen in Africa. You will experience the animals in their natural habitats, observing them grazing, hunting, or interacting with one another.

    The spectacular and world-famous Serengeti National Park, Ngorongoro Crater, home to the world’s rarest Black Rhinos, is one of the great Safari Tours destinations. Tarangire National Park, Lake Manyara, Nyerere National Park, and many more wildlife destinations offer top experiences.

    Find the best time to visit Tanzania National Park

    2. Watch the great migration

    The Great Migration is the largest mammal migration on earth. Often hailed as the wonder of the natural world, Africa’s great wildebeest migration is an incredible event to watch.

    The annual movement traveling of over 1.5 million ungulates – wildebeest and enormous groups of zebra, Thomson’s gazelle, and Grant’s gazelle about an 800-kilometer trek on the Serengeti National Park ecosystem.

    The journey begins on the Southern Plain of the Serengeti when wildebeest calves are being born. Move clockwise from the south, west, north, and back to the south. Crossing rivers means facing crocodiles, patiently waiting for a kill, or seeing a group of lions collaborating to hunt down a wildebeest is an unforgettable sight.

    3. Guided walking tour

    Tanzania Walking Trips

    Explore Tanzania National parks and game reserves with Guided Walking Trips. Take a relaxing walk and discover the excitement and ancient secrets of the African wilderness.

    A guided walking tour is ideal for visitors who prefer outdoor experiences and in Tanzania, there are many options for walking safaris that offer varying terrains.

    Here you will experience a walk in Arusha National park, which is at the base of Mount Meru and host different wild animals together with aquatic birds surrounding the lakes.

    Other parks are Tarangire, Lake Natron, Lake Eyasi, Selous, west Kilimanjaro, and Gombe to experience chimpanzee life.

    4. Balloon safari

    Balloon Ride

    A hot-air balloon ride is one of the top Tanzania safari experiences. You’ll be able to see the beauty from every angle.

    You can get a glimpse of the landscape from the airplane window, but once you arrive in Tanzania, the balloon is the best way to catch a closer view of the animals and gives you an especially superb view of the plains.

    The balloon launch in the cool of the early morning in the peace of dawn as sunrise unfurls in bright colors. As the earth warms up, wildlife moves.

    After landing, a glorious champagne brunch, and heavy breakfast await you, on the savannah. The perfect end to an extraordinary and serene safari experience that’s not easily forgotten.

    If you’re planning a trip to Tanzania and would like to experience it, here are the best places to consider

    • Serengeti National Park
    • Ndutu Plain Area
    • Tarangire National park

    5. Climbing the highest mountains in Africa

    Climb Mount Kilimanjaro

    At the elevates of 5,895 meters above sea level is where you can find the highest point in Africa. Kilimanjaro is one of the Seven Summits in the world and the world’s tallest freestanding summit.

    Anyone from children over the age of 10 to older generations in their 70s can climb and reach the summit.

    Climbing is the most exciting thing you will ever do in your life! It is challenging but also immensely rewarding. The real challenge is the altitude and the rate of ascent. All you need is determination and the will to get to the summit.

    6. Take a beach tour on Zanzibar Island

    A Zanzibar Tour

    Relax and explore Zanzibar’s best beaches. Enjoy the spectacular sunrises and lush tropical vegetation with spectacular sunsets, palm-fringed beaches, turquoise waters, and colorful coral reefs.

    Looking out over the vast ocean and the shimmering turquoise waters dotted with white, triangular sails of the picturesque traditional fishing dhows will take your breath away.

    Whether you’re taking a safari trip for some post-safari relaxation, a Zanzibar chilled beach holiday is romantic and full of fun when traveling with your lovely ones in a lifetime

    Here is the comprehensive guide for things to do

    • Nungwi Aquarium and Mnemba Snorkeling
    • Tour to Jozani forest and Cuza Cave
    • Visit the Rock Restaurant and Kae Funk Beach
    • Stone Town Tour, Prison Island, and spice tour
    • Dolphin tour
    • Visit chumbe island
    • Cheetah the Rock

    6. Cultural experiences

    3 Days Safari Costs

    Tanzania comprises over 100 tribes that also identify with their ethnic group living side by side in what has historically been a very peaceful country, which often has distinct languages and cultures all of its own. A unique dance, a local style of music, or a traditional ceremony, particular to one tribal group.

    The most interesting tribe to visit is the hunter-gatherer people we would refer to as Bushmen or the Hadzabe – are always happy to share their wealth of knowledge about the bush with you. It’s a great opportunity to get a real insight into the zoology, geology, and anthropology of the places they call home.

    In Tanzania you can visit Masai, Chaga, Datoga, Wasukuma, Wameru, Wapare, Wanyaturu, Hehe, and many more and experience their culture and traditions, living near them in their village.

    Tanzania Safaris

    $2,690 Experience the breathtaking wildlife adventure on a 7 days Migration Safari through Serengeti National Park and Ngorongoro Crater

    7 Days Migration Safari

    Experience the 7 days Safari through Serengeti Migration and Ngorongoro Crater.

    $4,926 14-Day Safari Cost

    14-Day Safari Cost

    Experience this 14-Day Safari cost, including Tanzania Tour and Zanzibar Beach. National Park game drive.

    $3,430 10-Day Safari Cost

    10-Day Safari Cost

    This 10-day safari cost includes a trip to Tarangire, Serengeti, Ngorongoro crater, and Zanzibar.

    $4,630 10 Days Luxury Safari and beach

    10 Days Luxury Safari and beach

    10 Days Luxury Safari and Beach Holiday to Tarangire, Ngorongoro crater, Arusha walk, then fly to Zanzibar

    $3,434 9-Day Tanzania Safari Experience

    9-Day Tanzania Safari Experience

    9-Day Tanzania Safari Experience. Hike to Kilimanjaro Mountain & safari tour to the great migration.

    $2,115 6-Day Great Migration Safari

    6-Day Great Migration Safari

    From December to January, February, and early March, you will experience a 6-day Great migration safari.

    Read more
    $1,840 5-Day Great Migration Safari

    5-Day Great Migration Safari

    This 5-day Great Migration Safari takes you to the south of Serengeti. From December to early March.

    $3,103 9-day safari experience

    9-day safari experience

    The 9-day safari includes a waterfall, a coffee tour, and Ngorongoro Crater, Serengeti & Lake Victoria 

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