Eyasi Cultural Trips | Bushmen Tribe Tours (Hadzabe And Datoga)

Lake Eyasi Cultural Trips led you to Bushmen Tribes Tours (Hadzabe And Datoga). The tour of incredible nature, survival skills, and unique hunter culture.

Meeting with the Bushmen can be an incredibly uplifting and humbling experience.

Their extraordinary ability to survive and thrive in very hard environments, their great skill as hunters, and their unique culture are under great threat from modern civilization.

If you want to visit Bushman people on your Tanzania trip, then tell us what you have in mind and we will let you know the options.

Bushmen Tribe Tours | Highlights

The Hadzabe And Datoga Tribes: The Hadzabe live in caves and they don’t wear any kind of clothes but rather a skin to cover their private parts. They are still holding to their traditional way of life, hunting and gathering different kinds of fruits and honey. It is also possible to go on a hunting trip with the Hadzabe or to visit the Datoga tribes. Unforgettable Glimpse Into An Ancient Culture


Lake Eyasi: 1050 km² big lake, situated at 3400 feet above sea level is a soda lake that surpasses Lake Manyara in size, a shallow endorheic soda Lake on the floor of the Great Rift Valley. This area seems downright tropical. Palm trees border the lake and make homes for birds


Wildlife around the Lake: The lake is a birdwatcher’s dream due to the many resident species of birds found here. Such as Fischer’s lovebird Some main birds to be found here include the African spoonbill, flamingos, gray-headed gulls, great white pelicans, pied avocet, and yellow-billed storks. The main fish found in the lake are catfish and lungfish.

Other animals are monkey species, hippos, hares, and different species of rodents.

What To Do

  • Bowhunting with Hudzabe Tribe
  • Music dancing with Hadzabe and Datoga tribes
  • Ironmaking experience with Datoga Tribe
  • Bird watching
  • Natural walking

You can combine your Lake Eyasi safari to Manyara National Park, or Tarangire, Ngorongoro, Serengeti and Lake Natron.

Best time to visit Lake Eyasi

The Lake can be visited all year round.

June to February: The landscape experiences a dry season from June to October and short rain from November to February. During these seasons the area is good for hunting.

March to May: Walking trails and roads will be affected by heavy rains, so it might impact the ease of your travel

Eyasi Cultural Trips

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