Experience the Ultimate Tanzania Safari and Zanzibar Honeymoon: A 7-Day Escape

Discover the epitome of romance and adventure with our 7-day Tanzania safari and Zanzibar honeymoon experience. This seamless blend of captivating wildlife encounters and serene beach relaxation offers couples an unforgettable journey that celebrates both love and the natural beauty of Tanzania and Zanzibar.

Tanzania Safari: Immerse yourselves in the wild wonders of Tanzania’s iconic national parks, where every moment is an exploration of nature’s finest. Traverse the vast savannas and lush landscapes in search of the renowned “Big Five” and other incredible wildlife sightings. Guided by expert local guides, each safari day is an opportunity to create cherished memories and witness the untamed beauty of the African wilderness.

Zanzibar Beach Bliss: Transition effortlessly from the heart of the wild to the lap of luxury on the shores of Zanzibar. Indulge in the romance of beachside resorts and the crystal-clear turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean. This idyllic setting invites you to unwind, walk hand in hand along pristine beaches, and savor intimate moments against a backdrop of stunning sunsets.

The 7-day journey is meticulously designed to provide the perfect balance between thrilling wildlife encounters and blissful relaxation. Whether gazing upon elephants in their natural habitat or savoring private moments on Zanzibar’s tranquil shores, every day is an ode to your love story.

Guided by seasoned professionals who understand the intricacies of romance and adventure, your Tanzania safari and Zanzibar honeymoon experience becomes a cherished chapter in your journey together.


Safari Highlights

Budget Tour

Our affordable tour package encompasses both mountain huts and camping accommodations.

Private Tour

Your tour experience will be personalized exclusively for you, ensuring no sharing with other travelers.

Can start any day

Subject to availability, this tour is flexible and can commence on any day that suits your schedule.

Can be Customized

Your Unique Experience: Make Minor Adjustments to Accommodations and Destinations on this Tour.

Not for Solo Travelers

This exclusive tour is designed for groups and is not available for solo travelers.

Minimum age of 12 years

Feel free to make minor adjustments to the accommodations and destinations for this tour by sending your requests.

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Day 1: Arrival in Arusha - The Gateway to Safari Dreams

Upon your arrival in Arusha, a vibrant city nestled at the foothills of Mount Meru, our warm hospitality will welcome you to the enchanting land of Tanzania. Take this day to relax, acclimate to the African ambiance, and anticipate the extraordinary safari ahead.

Day 2: Tarangire National Park - Untamed Wilderness Unveiled

Your safari extravaganza commences with a journey to Tarangire National Park, where the untamed wilderness unfolds before your eyes. Witness the park’s iconic baobab trees and encounter massive elephant herds as they roam freely in their natural habitat. The diverse landscapes and abundant wildlife sightings promise to ignite your passion for the wild.

Day 3: Serengeti National Park - Full Day Game Drives

Spend the day on thrilling game drives in the Serengeti. Spot the “Big Five” (lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo, rhino) and more. Immerse yourselves in the stunning landscapes and diverse wildlife.

Day 4: Full-day Serengeti Exploration - Nature Unleashed

A full-day of Serengeti exploration awaits, immersing you in the heart of nature’s grandeur. Traverse the vast savannahs, spotting prides of lions, elegant cheetahs, and a kaleidoscope of wildlife thriving in the Serengeti’s diverse habitats. Our expert guides will share their knowledge, making each encounter an educational and awe-inspiring moment.

Day 5: Ngorongoro Crater - Nature's Eden Unearthed

Enter the Ngorongoro Crater, an ecological wonder and a haven for biodiversity. Marvel at the lush landscapes and the remarkable concentration of wildlife that calls this natural amphitheater home. Encounter the endangered black rhino, lions, and other members of the Big Five in this magical setting that reveals nature’s unparalleled beauty.

Day 6: Lake Manyara National Park - A Paradise for Nature Lovers

Your adventure continues to Lake Manyara National Park, a hidden gem celebrated for its diverse birdlife, including the iconic pink flamingos. Traverse the lush forests and spot tree-climbing lions, herds of elephants, and vibrant bird species. The picturesque lake and its surrounding landscapes promise a captivating experience.

Day 7: Tarangire to Arusha - Reflecting on Safari Marvels

As the safari extravaganza nears its conclusion, we return to Tarangire for a final wildlife encounter. Cherish the memories of your safari highlights as you bid farewell to the majestic animals and breathtaking landscapes. Upon reaching Arusha, take time to reflect on the incredible journey you’ve embarked upon.

Day 8: Departure - Carrying Africa's Spirit

On the last day, depart from Arusha with a heart filled with cherished memories and a spirit enriched by the beauty of Africa. The safari extravaganza may come to an end, but the experiences and encounters will forever resonate within you, inspiring dreams of future African adventures.

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  • Park fees (For non-residents)
  • All activities (Unless labeled as optional)
  • All accommodation (Unless listed as upgrade)
  • A professional driver/guide
  • All transportation (Unless labeled as optional)
  • All Taxes/VAT
  • Roundtrip airport transfer
  • Meals (As specified in the day-by-day section)
  • Drinking water (On all days)
  • International flights (From/to home)
  • Additional accommodation before and at the end of the tour
  • Tips (Tipping guideline US$10.00 pp per day)
  • Personal items (Souvenirs, travel insurance, visa fees, etc.)
  • Government imposed increase of taxes and/or park fees
  • Some meals (As specified in the day-by-day section
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